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Over the past eighteen years Dinostar has become a brand name for fossil sales among collectors and institutions around the globe. While we specialize in high profile items and large peices, we have smaller fossils for kids and people starting their collections.  We pride ourselves on being "The Fossil Dealer" and being known for our honesty and reliability. We have written articles on dinosaur fossils and have several large dinosaur skeletons in various stages of completion, as well as fully complete dinosaur skull casts and authentic dinosaur skulls for sale.  If we can help you let us know.

If you’re looking for that perfect dinosaur fossil, we have dinosaur fossils for sale, duckbill skeletons for sale, tyrannosaurus rex (Trex)for sale, rare mammal and fish fossils for sale, dinosaur teeth for sale, wooly mammoth, wooly rhino, birds, whole dinosaur skulls, collector grade and inexpensive fossils for sale as well as large dinosaur replica fossils for sale. We have helped museums, universities and even banks with their scientific and marketing needs. We have new as well as refurbished skeletons which can be purchased with considerable savings.

We represent several of the most important scientific finds in the world. We will soon be updating our select stock, so be sure to check back often for new pieces.  We also stay current on dinosaur news, new finds, and trending topics within the community. We even have a dictionary featuring data on many species of dinosaur, many available for sale in the store! Whatever your paleonotology  needs may be, Dinostar is your one stop shop and database.

Dinostar originaly opened as a retail store in Charlotte NC in 1998. Since then, dinosaurs and fossils have been our life. In 1999, Dinostar.com opened its portals for the first time.  In 2003, the company evolved into a dinosaur museum, centering on education based fun for school children of all ages. During that time, we were able to share our passion with over a million visitors. It was not just a normal museum, but a place where people could touch real dinosaur bones and buy fossils. Unfortunately, the museum is now closed and all science education classes have currently stopped. We want to thank the 150,000 children who participated in Dinostar Programs. We miss you!!
We invite you to look around our website and archives of fossils we have procured for our museum and others. We don't employ a shopping cart. If you see something you like just browse our online catalog. If you are looking for something special, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    or call Mark at 704-506-7510.


Jodi Smalley
President - Dinostar LLC