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Our goal is to make the DINO-STAR site a haven for science enthusiasts and rock hounds. We wish to become the premeire site for paleontology news, trends, and fossil transactions. To do this, We have obtained items of interest for all ages, and specialty items for older "children" ages 20-65.  It is our objective have something for everyone. By developing a reputation as a fair and honest dealer, we strive for repeat business as opposed to hasty impersonal sales. Feel free to browse our content and shop in our online store. 

We want to re-awaken the science soul in all of us. 


        ·     To help museums and companies,major collectors the world over find awe-inspiring pieces 

        ·     To be an exchange point where groups can save money on refurbished replcas.


        ·     To re-ignite the spark of wonder in those who now have the means to pursue intertests

        ·     To be the spot for Internet Fossil and Artifact lovers  and supply awesome products to the cyber world.
  •     To make the acquisition of fossil related art a consideration for major presents.
  • To constantly offer new and exciting pieces
  • To back up all purchases with honesty, recognizing that no one sale is worth a lifelong customer.

DINO-STAR Policies

         ·    We offer Unique products of the highest quality. Return items within 7 days if not satisfied.

*****Exceptions are commissioned items that you assign us to find and procure for you, or items that the customer elects to ship uninsured *****

         ·     We will take payments on larger items. fall behind in payments a 3% fine will be added to your total. If matters become extreme, the item may be put back on the market. At this time, up to six months of payments will be forfeit.